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Registered Large Munsterlanders

The Large Munsterlander is a breed of versatile hunting dog that originated in the area of Münster in northwestern Germany.  Originally a black-and-white color variation of the German Longhaired Pointer, the Large Munsterlander Association of America (LMAA) is the only official breed organization for the Large Munsterlander in the United States.  As members of LMAA we support the breed standards that reflect the characteristics of the Large Munsterlander as a versatile hunting dog that is proficient at pointing, retrieving and tracking all manner of game on both land and water and the physical attributes necessary to maximize these abilities.  

LMAA employs a performance-based breed management program that requires prior approval by the Breeding Officer for all matings, ensuring that both dams and sires have demonstrated their hunting abilities through approved hunting tests and that they meet health, temperament, and conformation standards.

It is our goal to pursue excellence in health and hunting abilities through these standards to produce versatile LMs that succeed in field and water as well as being good family companions in the home.

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About Us


Todd and Lori Rothenberger live in southeast South Dakota.  Our first LM, Snowy Oaks Desi, NAVHDA UT Prize I,  joined our family in 2005.  Snowy Oaks Meeka, NAVHDA UT Prize II, was added in 2010 and Snowy Oaks Vienna, NAVHDA NA Prize I, came along in 2015.   We love this breed for their versatile hunting characteristics and their ability to be great family dogs.  We train and test with our LMs together.  This provides an opportunity for both us and our LMs to do more of what we  love doing all year long and also builds teamwork between us to be better prepared for the hunting season.

We are members of the LMAA, MidWest Tri-State NAVHDA, NAVHDA, Ft. Randall Chapter of Pheasants Forever and Ducks Unlimited.

Puppy Placement


Pupppies wil be placed in hunting homes only.  Puppies will be up to date on vaccinations.  We will provide a record of vaccination and any veterinary exams and procedures.  Hips will be guaranteed for two years with either a refund or replacement.

Training and testing with an organization such as the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Assocation (NAVHDA) will be encouraged.  We will provide support and/or assist you with finding help with training.